I’ll guide you through the fashion djungle
what is soulcityguide
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What is Soulcityguide?

Who is Soulcityguide?

SOULCITYGUIDE is a website for you fashion lovers out there. If you want some inspiration on how to dress according to trends and seasons, this is the place for you. Combined with Annika’s outfits, there are posts of style inspiration and creative collages.

At SOULCITYGUIDE, you will not find the most extreme outfits. However, colors and cool designs are often shown here. Do you like the French girls’ style? I do too – simple and basic outfits with cutting-edge details like high heels and designer bags.

You can read about sale finds, must-have items and popular styles liked by celebrities.

SOULCITYGUIDE also shares beauty secrets, like which products to buy, makeup routines and skin treatments.

This is a little about SOULCITYGUIDE. I’ll guide you through the fashion djungle.

The editor behind SOULCITYGUIDE is Swedish blogger/marketing girl Annika Sarhammar. Annika lives in Malmö, by the southern west coast of Sweden. She has a fiancée, two twin girls of 13 years, a dog and a cat.

“I love fashion and I try to pick up the current trends every season. Since I’m only 158 cm/5″2, it’s sometimes hard to find styles that fits you right.

I like to keep my clothes and accessories for a long time. Shopping my closet is fun and sustainability is important to me. Of course, I also shop new items to combine with the old. And I have been collecting designer bags since 1985, when I got my first, a Christian Dior logo bag.”

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